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An Emotional Energy Healing Session

Who is my ideal client?

  • Individuals - These people are seeking, but are not limited to, wanting a more comprehensive knowledge of self through the processing of their emotions; self-improvement; cultivating more satisfying personal and work relationships. 

  • Teenagers and younger - Children under the age of 18 years old need a parent or guardian's approval and be present with them during the scheduled session. The parent is not required to be part of the healing session, but it is helpful to the healing process. I feel that open communication is helpful between all parties involved at some point during the healing process.

  • Couples - People dating or married looking to receive guidance in understanding their couple's emotions and their own within the dynamic of their relationship.

All clients will be able to speak about their emotions without judgment. Once the individual, partner, or child knows their emotional selves better, they will be able to talk more openly and clearly about how they feel to others. Having a healthy support system that is compassionate, forgiving, and empathetic will help with the healing process.

Results may vary, but many have felt lighter, happier, and more energetic after the heaviness of their emotions have been released, which no longer serve them. View my reviews page for client results.

An emotional energy healing session fee is $80 - Per Hour

Payments can be made with cash or credit cards through Paypal at,

Venmo at @divineguidedhealing and with Square in person, or over the phone.

Sessions completed over the phone provide the same results for local and out-of-state/country clients as in-person at my home.​ You may record the sessions if you wish to do so, and you may take notes for sessions on the phone.