My Services

An Emotional Energy Healing Session

I provide healing sessions for individuals, couples, teens, and children with the permission of a guardian, who can be present during the session. It is important that all clients be able to openly speak about their emotions without judgment. Once the individual, partner, or child is able to know their emotional selves better they will be more able to speak more openly and clearly about how they do feel. Having a support system that is compassionate, forgiving, and empathetic will help with the healing process. It is important that these same supportive emotions are worked on being felt within the individual self too.

Aaron will work on leading you to find the root causes of your current emotions, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors, for you to take back your personal power. You will become more conscious of your emotions instead of reacting unconsciously to your pain, which is linked to your past experiences. When you become more self-aware of your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions you will become empowered to change your life.

During the session, some positive affirmations may be given, which can have many positive effects. It can help you to have more compassion, self-love, and reach forgiveness for yourself and others. Some other advice on ways to heal will also be given that varies per client. After one session or more, along with your own personal work, you can Become the Creator of Your Own World.

Results may vary, but many have felt lighter, happier, and more energetic after the heaviness of their emotions have been released, which no longer serve them. View my reviews page for client results.

An emotional energy healing session fee is $100 - Per Hour

Payments are made by cash or credit cards through Venmo or Paypal at @divineguidedhealing or with Square in person or over the phone.

Sessions can be done over the phone, which provides the same results for local and out-of-state/country clients as in-person at my home.​ Sessions can be recorded during an in-person session and you can take notes for when it is over the phone.