What My Clients Are Saying


Aaron’s unique healing techniques helped me to see with much more clarity on where I need to focus my inner work and left me feeling much lighter and brighter. I don’t know Aaron personally, and we did our session over the phone, but he was able to scan my chakra system with his hands and pinpoint the chakras that needed attention; furthermore, he was able to tell me what emotional issue was causing an imbalance in the chakra and what age I was when I had an experience that created this imbalance that is still affecting me today. Beyond that, he was able to pick up on relationships with specific family members that have caused me emotional distress and affected my thoughts about myself.

For example, in general, I knew certain things my dad said and did when I was a kid had hurt me, but Aaron was able to very clearly and succinctly explain how and why my dad’s actions are still impacting me today in ways I previously had not realized. Aaron was able to identify my challenges and connect them in unexpected ways that felt true and exactly on-point. Throughout the call, he gave me tips, exercises, and affirmations I could use to continue healing on my own, so I recommend having a notebook and pen handy for taking notes during your session. It was a very emotional call for me, which surprised me because I hadn’t realized I was carrying so much strong emotion deep inside. Aaron does a really good job creating a safe space and holding an energy that allows his clients to open up and be vulnerable enough to do the deep work they need to do to heal.

Aaron’s intuitive insights were very accurate—for example, he said he saw a problem with my skin—and again, Aaron doesn’t know me, so he doesn’t know I’ve been dealing with a mysterious, persistent rash for the last three years and he confirmed my suspicions about what is causing it.

When our session was over, I felt lighter and happier and empowered to take constructive action steps to continue healing these very deep emotional wounds with a new level of self-awareness. I would recommend Aaron to anybody who is struggling with emotional or physical issues or just wants more clarity and self-awareness.

"Thank you Aaron for your kind and gentle healing approach. During our healing session, I experienced a profound sense of being understood. The insights you offered touched on issues that had been deeply repressed and through years of work were not able to be accessed. Within the first session, you were able to assist me in my healing and since then I have experienced major shifts in my life and relationships. Not only has forgiveness been an element of this, but also self-love, inner peace, and finding true love. Many thanks!"


What My Clients Are Saying


“Before my session, I was very bitter and feeling depressed most of the day. My issues were weighing me down and affecting my everyday life.  Afterward, I felt very light, somewhat lifted. My way of thinking had now changed. I could see the other side of things instead just my way. I felt more like living now; things weren't as bad as I thought. I feel relieved that I have the heaviness and bitterness off my chest.”

"Our session was most similar to EMDR (rapid eye movement therapy intended for trauma and re-processing old pain) - which I did that for 1 year.

Within our one session, it got to some of the core pain and a lot was processed in one session. What you did was the exact healing that my soul was ready for at that moment, which I had prayed for all day and the night prior to our session.

I am quite frankly overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!"

"I was having some trouble in relationships within my family and my love life. I was pleasantly surprised by my comfort level right from the beginning. The advice given throughout our session helped me to understand how to manage family relationships, and the strength to let go of a toxic romantic involvement. I now feel better equipped to handle interpersonal interactions with confidence. I would recommend this healing to anyone.”


What My Clients Are Saying


"It helped a lot. I suffer from really bad anxiety and my session helped reduce my anxiety a lot. I felt so much calmer and got some questions answered too. I remember feeling my stomach didn't hurt anymore. My heart was much lighter and not so heavy."

"Thank you for the great work you've done during our session! What a transformative experience! Really appreciate it and your professionalism in addressing personal and health topics. You will help so many people! Thank you for your work!"

"I’m getting clarity and focus, which has been hard since Pat (my husband) died. It really helped going back to my childhood. That has given me more clarity of who I am. I feel very open and can talk to you about anything. The trust was immediate with you. I liked that you had me write down phrases to use as a mantra to help me thru the day and night.”

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