• Aaron Gustwiller

The importance of connecting with yourself

Hello, this is Aaron Gustwiller of Divine Guided Healing. I use Reiki, and shamanic techniques, while providing emotional energy healing in my sessions. The healing journey begins within you; I am the guide that helps you reconnect with yourself so you may heal.

The most profound healing begins when you are truthful with yourself. To do this, you need to connect with yourself in a safe space. Safe space is essential in allowing you to express your emotions and beliefs without judgment or labels.

Why is this important?

You are actively engaging with your emotions, which have been with you for many years without a voice.

I help you find your voice by asking you certain words and questions you will then define by how you feel; this will lead you to find your truth within yourself. Our thoughts and feelings create our beliefs in how we see ourselves and others based on our perceptions of our past experiences. How I connect your past experiences to the emotions of our session is by asking you precise ages for you to remember the events that happened at that time.

When emotions emerge, you will become awakened to yourself.

When do you feel at your best?

Feeling your best is when you can express the love inside you. Love is who you are, but the pain, sadness, heartache, anger, and so many fears cover up the love that is you. These love-blocking emotions are not allowing you to express yourself clearly. When these confusing emotions create chaos in your life, it is time to seek guidance, and I can help.

I hope that your life is going great, but know that we all need someone we can trust and confide in to guide us to be our best versions of ourselves.

I look forward to helping you along your healing journey!

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