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Know Thyself: 
Become the Creator of Your Own World

A session with Aaron Gustwiller of Divine Guided Healing is an alternative, no-touch, healing session. He will identify with your emotions and link them back to your memories. Your current emotions are controlling your life because you have been unable to understand your emotions in how they are related to your past. In a healing session, a mutual conversation will occur, because your thoughts, words, and emotions are all linked energetically. By remembering, speaking and feeling this energy during your session, you will be releasing and shifting your energy.

Aaron will find the root causes of your current emotions, limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors within your past experiences. This process will allow you to take back your own personal power, by becoming conscious of your emotions. This will allow you to be more self-aware of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions in the future. Your past will no longer be in control of your emotions.

The last step is to change your current thoughts and emotions through, but not limited to, positive affirmations, compassion, self-love, and forgiveness. After a session or more, along with your own personal work, you can Become the Creator of Your Own World.

Results do vary, but many have felt lighter, happier, and more energetic after the heaviness of their emotions were release that no longer serve them.