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Emotions connect us or they divide us. I am here to help to identify within you the emotions that which divide, so that you may be able to connect with others and yourself more fully into the future. That which connects or divides starts within you. The repeating thoughts, words, and actions in your daily life are all but energy that flows within and outside of yourself. This energy that is created will attract others with this same energy. As the old adage goes, like attracts like.

Why do you feel this way and when did these emotions start? In most cases, you will forget the root cause of your negative emotional belief system. Your emotional beliefs become so ingrained into who you think that you are that you become only able to see and feel how other people around you reflect these same beliefs onto you. This makes your emotions truly more believable to you.

Almost always we define who we are by the way other people have treated us in the past. So even if someone recently, even over a long period of time has been making you feel a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean that is the person who created the root negative emotion within you. A family member when you were young could have made you feel a certain way, which made you create a self-image of yourself to reflect this belief. Over time you attract different people as in this one current person into your life. This is but one example. So, until you seek the help that you need to identify and release these negative emotional beliefs, it will continually direct your life, your health and wellbeing, relationships, and your spiritual connection.

Are you ready to take the first steps on your emotional healing journey with me? To find out more about the process of a healing session in more detail please view my services page.



Divine Guided Healing, LLC uses alternative healing methods, and although there is evidence that this type of healing is effective in treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by western health care professionals.

Aaron Gustwiller is not a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. He cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or well-being of your body. An energy healing session with Aaron is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed and registered health care professional. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health care decisions. 

Regardless of any advice that is given to you, it is your responsibility to weigh your options and make informed decisions. It’s your life; you have the power to make your own choices.

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