Know Thyself:
Become the Creator of Your Own World

Words are defined by our emotions. Emotional healing starts by identifying the words that you speak internally or out loud and how these words create the experiences you are having and how they make you feel. No worries, in the beginning, and throughout the session, Aaron will provide you with the words needed for you to be able to define and express your emotions openly and freely without judgment.

To improve your life by having a better relationship with yourself and others is to have a deeper understanding of the root causes of these words and emotions. When you become conscious of the root causes of why you use these words that continually create these feelings will give you your power back. This will then allow you to create a new belief system about yourself and the world around you.

A session with Aaron Gustwiller of Divine Guided Healing is an alternative, no-touch reiki, and shamanic healing session, which brings out and clears from the subconscious mind suppressed and hidden traumas and negative experiences. Aaron finds the root cause of your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors and works with you to remove those blocks to gain clarity allowing you to control your life to find freedom. 

Aaron possesses incredible intuitive and healing abilities and utilizes them to get to the core of emotional pain, limiting beliefs, and past traumas. During a session, he gains information from past events, communicates with you to uncover suppressed emotions, and then clears them from your energy field. As a result, you may feel lighter, more energetic, gain clarity, and find guidance in solving some of the issues.

  1. Understand why you do the things you do

  2. Clear stress in many areas of your life

  3. Release trauma from your past and present

  4. Heal your emotional wounds

  5. Experience more freedom, clarity, and joy

 “Our subconscious mind holds the entire experiences of our past from womb to the present. It also holds limiting beliefs we have inherited from our parents and our ancestry - individual and collective. Our most powerful blocks and sabotaging influences are kept alive by these beliefs and experiences that are held in our minds and in our bodies.” ~ Peter Donn

Your healing journey begins with you; take action, call today!

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Divine Guided Healing, LLC uses alternative healing methods, and although there is evidence that this type of healing is effective in treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by western health care professionals.

Aaron Gustwiller is not a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. He cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or well-being of your body. An energy healing session with Aaron is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed and registered health care professional. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health care decisions. 

Regardless of any advice that is given to you, it is your responsibility to weigh your options and make informed decisions. It’s your life; you have the power to make your own choices.